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Isabella Kretzdorn`s art expresses energy and life`s abundance. At first glance we are captured by an oscillating spectrum of colours and the presence of figures.


The painted worlds of the artist pulsate with life through the dynamic suspense between different shades of various colours, characteristic flow and rough scribbles.It is this very particular, fine ambivalence which gives her artworks, be they nudes, portraits, animals or landscapes, vividness. They are paintings and drawings at the same time. It is not just by chance that the artist nearly always decides to combine freely flowing watercolours with ink and coloured pencils.


Born to an artistic family in 1985, the acquaintance and exposure of art and architecture were quite a natural component of her childhood. This led to her studies of fine arts and graphic design at the “Freie Kunstwerkstatt München”. Here her studies were strongly centered on the human body, especially freehand drawn sketches of nude models. The human body remains to this day an ever recurring theme within her artistic carrier.


Her figurative motifs appear as reduced linear cyphers while at the same time they seem to be partially dissolving their form, never entirely giving up their reality. Spontaneously placed pencil lines mark the bodies curves and outline without restricting them entirely. The objects are moulded into three dimensional shape by multi-coloured lines while the modulation of flowing watercolours fill them with life and energy. This gives the figures their distinctive expression.


The collaborative process of combining free flowing paints with pencil drawing manifests a particular alternation between apollinic clarity and dionysic opulence: Isabella Kretzdorn`s figures are corporal while at the same time remaining intangible. They are present here and now while at the same time perpetually transforming. We encounter flexibility – sometimes changeability – within the artist´s unique expression of life´s vitality.


Since 2009 Isabella Kretzdorn works as a professional artist, presenting her frequently distinguished artworks at exhibitions in Germany and internationally. She is a member of the renowned Fondation Taylor and the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris.


Text written by Dr. Marion Vogt for the exhibition at Internationale Musiktage Freden



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